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Friday, July 20, 2012

Go-To Costume Classics that are Great in a Pinch!

 Much like traditional home designs, classic cars, or a clean cut collared shirt and jeans, some costumes will just never go out of style.  Year after year, new costumes make the list for most popular costume  of the season, but some staples just never change.  Read about three of the most popular go-to Halloween costumes of all time below and consider making them your own this upcoming Halloween season!  These classics are great go-to costumes even in a pinch.    

Ghost Costume – Since Halloween does have its roots in “All Hallows Eve,” which was known as a “time of the wandering dead” a ghost costume is certainly appropriate for any Halloween celebration.  Ghost costumes can vary widely!  They can be as simple as a sheet with some holes cut out or as complex enough to involve expertly applied makeup and a custom costume.    

Halloween Witch – This costume has been done some many ways throughout the years, and all are quite fun.  Whether you want to be a serious and frightening witch or an adorable “good witch” like Glenda from Wizard of Oz, a witch costume always works

Vampire Costume – Vampire costumes have been popular throughout the years in sticking with the tradition of keeping Halloween a bit ominous and spooky!  For a sexy vampire to a terrifying vampire, there is always a vampire costume you can pull off!   

Remember, you can put your own twist on these classics.  You can do so by picking out and adding unique costume accessories.  At Moon Costumes  we have hundreds of great wigs and costumes accessories to help you make a classic a new look all your own. 

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