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Friday, June 8, 2012

What to Wear to a Renaissance Fair

It’s true that many renaissance fairs have become “anything goes” style events.  The varied costumes, talents, and personality types one can find at his or her local “Ren Faire” all make up part of the fun.  If you’re a cosplay enthusiast or a serious history buff with an affinity for accuracy, however, you’ll want to do a little research before suiting up for your next day out at the faire.  Our team here at Moon Costumes is here to give you a place to start:  

Women of decent means were always complete with a three piece ensemble consisting of an underskirt, a bodice, and a robe.  Later during the period women wore over-bodice vests as well as a hoop and collar.  Women of even higher status added intricate artisan made jewelry and luxurious accents of imported fabric to their look.

Although the royals passed a law that peasants and the lower classes could only wear clothing and dresses of one color, both men and women of lower socioeconomic status often wore multicolored clothing in layers with parts of the top layer slashed to reveal a contrasting color underneath.   

Hoods, veils, headdresses, and floral wreaths became popular with women of all means during the renaissance as they were required by law and social standards to cover their head during much of the period.  

As you can see, with styles so varied by class, as a woman attending the renaissance fair, you have a great degree of flexibility when it comes to historical accuracy.  Our website has an absolutely stunning variety of historically accurate renaissance costumes to help you eliminate the guesswork!


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