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Friday, June 29, 2012

Men in Black 3 Inspires Easy Halloween Costume Idea

With the summer season almost underway, serious costume fans are already planning the Halloween costume or costumes they’ll wear to costume contests, parties, and possibly even out trick-or-treating this coming fall.  

If you’re one of the many organized costume super fans who planning ahead for this Fall’s main event, why not turn to one of this year’s amazing films for new and exciting characters to dress up as.  The past few seasons have certainly provided us with plenty of inspiration to go around when it comes to both mainstream Hollywood and cult classic sci-fi titles alike.

One such title is the recent May 25th release Men in Black 3, the follow up to its approximately decade-old predecessors Men in Black and Men in Black 2.  Men in Black 3 was a hit at the box office grossing about 208 million during the initial week of its release.

Amazingly, Tommy Lee Jones (“Agent K”) and Will Smith (“Agent J”) look just as dapper in this year’s release as they did in the first two Men in Black films and you can look just as dapper this Halloween.  All you’ll need is just a bit of pre-costume accessory planning and a well fitted suit.

To put together an Agent K or Agent J costume, you’ll need to be sure you find that perfect pair of dark black-out sunglasses to accompany your suit as well as pair of sleek shoes.  …and don’t forget to carry your neutralizer!  

Need more inspiration?  Turn to our website at to check out hundreds of inspiring costumes for children and adults alike.   

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