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Sunday, May 13, 2012

This Cosplay Batman is a Real Hero to Kids with Cancer

 In every sense of the word, Leonard Robinson is a true Superhero.  

By utilizing his resources, as well as his big heart, he spends a vast amount of his time entertaining children in hospitals using his
Batman cosplay costume.  Robinson takes his responsibility as Batman very seriously.  Because of his desire to brighten the bleak days of the children and families he spends time with, Robinson uses only the best accessories in order to make his appearance as Batman as authentic and unforgettable as possible. Not only does he appear exceptionally realistic as the famed Superhero, Robinson also gives out gifts to the children he visits.  Upon receiving a visit from Batman, each child is given t-shirts, hats and other Batman-themed items to brighten their days.  Robinson has been Batman to countless numbers of children since 2001.  

In addition to his
amazing Batman cosplay costume, Robinson creates a true Superhero impression by driving a Batmobile, complete with every detail necessary.  Right down to the floor mats in the vehicle, which proudly display the Batman insignia.  

Robinson is an inspiration to anyone who is interested in cosplay costumes.  Cosplay can be utilized for a variety of reasons, including being a source of entertainment, happiness and hope for children, like the ones Robinson visits every day.  The key to great cosplay costumes, as Batman illustrates so beautifully, is authenticity.  Details are what's important when planning your attire for that upcoming cosplay costume party or event.  

Or maybe you're inspired to make a difference like Leonard Robinson.  Whatever your reason for
cosplay, one thing is certain.  When you choose a beautiful, detail-oriented costume, you will make a lasting impression.  Just like Batman.  

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