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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cosplay: The Art of Complete Transformation

Regardless of whether you're an avid cosplayer or you're just getting started, the key to any good cosplay costume is knowing how to become your character.  You want your costume to be noticed and appreciated the next time you attend that cosplay event.  Getting the attention you're after is easy if you just take a little time to consider what you want to show off to everyone with your costume.

Choice Of Cosplay Shop

First things first:  Make sure that you visit a shop that knows about the art of cosplay.  Your choice should be a shop that pays attention to details.  What type of accessories does your character wear?  Are the costumes authentic?  Serious cosplayers aren't satisfied with run-of-the-mill costumes. They want something that will impress.  A
great cosplay shop understands that and will go above and beyond to fulfill your desires.


The choice of the character you want to cosplay is very important.  Try to choose something that you feel might be an unlikely choice for others.  And go to great lengths to
pick something unique that you can replicate with ease.  Many of the items you need to add to the authenticity of your costume can be found right at home.  So take some time and plan well.  You'll be thrilled with the outcome.



Oftentimes, a great cosplay costume is accented by the persona of the person wearing it.  Take some time and study the character you are portraying.  What are their mannerisms?  Do they have an accent?  How do they walk?  Learning these simple details about your character can leave others in awe of your cosplay ability. 

Which character do you have your heart set on
cosplaying?  Go for it!  A little thought and originality can lead to a great cosplaying adventure. 
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