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Friday, March 23, 2012

WNBA Stars Share their Favorite Childhood Costumes

Although you may not remember most little details about your childhood like where you sat in particular classes, or even most of the things you learned in those particular classes, chances are you do you remember your favorite childhood Halloween or Costume, Party costumes. In fact, many of us can recount what we dressed up as year by year up to our present age and those of us who can’t quite recount things that clearly, can usually at least point out which was our favorite, most memorable costume.

Some of the greatest basketball stars from the WNBA were recently asked to name their favorite Halloween costumes and most had no trouble doing so. Danielle Adams recalled dressing up as the yellow Power Ranger one year as a child and thinking that as soon as she put on the costume that she would have the yellow power ranger’s powers. Other players recalled clown outfits, handmade gorilla suits, Cinderella, and even late 90’s pop sensations like Brittney Spears.

If the old psychology adage is true and we really do remember the events that come with a slew of emotions most easily, this phenomenon certainly speaks volumes for costumes. From the time we are young children, most of us generally come to associate costume wearing with excitement, happiness, and fun.

Fortunately as the popularity of Halloween celebrations, costume parties, and cosplay conventions continues to grow, we now have the opportunity to continue to create the same memorable occasions and life long memories well into our adulthood simply by dressing in costume.


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