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Monday, March 5, 2012

Wig Application for Cosplayers

For those of us with long or thick hair who also love to act, cosplay, or dress in costume for any reason, pinning hair up flat enough against the top of the head securely is a must when it comes to finishing an overall look that also has staying power. A hair piece or costume accessory that is awkwardly lumpy as well as one that constantly runs the risk of falling off at any given moment during a performance or party can be frustrating.

For both men and women with long hair, properly applying a wig to finish a great costume can seem downright impossible. The task of applying a “skin head cap” to create a convincing appearance of baldness can be even trickier, but while affixing a wig securely to your head without sacrificing your long locks may be tough, it actually isn’t impossible. In order to complete the task, costume experts recommend arming yourself with a comb, a package of bobby pins or hair pins, a wig cap, as well as the wig or head accessory of your choice.

Next, you’ll need to master the art of braiding or pin-curling your hair. Both braids and pin curls can your hair up while providing an anchor for your wig. When using the braiding method, be sure to create a few braids to avoid having one big lump under your wig. Coil each braid tightly and pin it against your scalp using U-shaped hairpins. If you’ll be putting your hair up and applying your wig yourself during the day of a big event, just be sure to practice pining up your curly-cued swaths of hair or braids a few times before hand to get the hang of it.

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