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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Smiling Faces Young and Old Spotted at the Fifth Annual Philippines Cosplay Convention

The fifth annual cosplay convention took place in Malate, Manila in the Philippines last Saturday. Nearly two hundred cosplay and costume enthusiasts of all ages gathered in the mall center to mix, mingle, and show off their best poses and gear.

Attendees of the event recounted the admirable stares they received while headed along Pedro Gil, Padre Faura, and M. Adriatico Streets on their way to the main event. Many passer buys asked to pose and have their pictures taken with the fans who were elaborately decked out in costume.

Creativity was certainly on display last Saturday in this unique setting for a cosplay convention. Perhaps the public nature of the event’s location will inspire more fans young and old to dress up for the convention next year.

In the crowd onlookers could spot Black Heart of Ghost Rider, Cloud Strife of Final Fantasy, and the female protagonists from Hell Girl, Black Rock Shooter, and Vampire Knight, among many others. Special guest Nico Leo Arenzen (aka Nico Fresh) who guest stars on GMA Network’s “Walang Tulugan” came dressed as Star Eclipse of the RF Online computer game, a costume which he admits took him four months working three hours per day to complete.

At this year’s convention, many fans tried to tackle difficult costumes to show their dedication while others simply dressed up in easier, more casual costumes in order to focus on simply enjoying the celebration. Many of the costume accessories and faux weapons that could be seen in the mall center were notably elaborate.

Thanks to the media, and perhaps to the more public events like this one, cosplay is picking up more and more fans both in the Philippines and around the world.
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