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Monday, February 20, 2012

India Comic Con a Hit with Older Fans

The second annual Comic Con India took place at Dubai’s Dilli Haat building last week. The event, which showcased a large range of India’s comic heroes new and old, hosted several events such as live entertainment, contests, and a cosplay competition. The newer annual event celebrates the use of cartoons and comics in the ancient Indian tradition of storytelling. This year’s convention showcased a variety of titles in several formats from eight-page booklets to big graphic novels.

Fans gathered to indulge in the latest news about Indian superheroes such as Avatars of Visnu, a title that also happens to be the subject within many books as well. While many classic regional titles were highlighted, many popular titles with cosplayers and convention goers included titles that take influences from the West as well as from Japanese style Manga as well.

Over 80 notable participants and several interactive sessions and panels with renowned artist like Robert Crumb made the event a must-see for any comic and cosplay fans in the area. It was noted, however, that one thing was notably missing from the convention – a large amount of younger comic book fans. Although the convention is an all ages event, more adults than adolescents and children were in attendance. India film-maker and creator of Munkeeman Abhisek Sharma told the Calcutta New Net that this may be because “more children (are) now increasingly drawn to interactive media such as the internet.”

This trend may have left traditional comic book inspired cosplay up to fans from an older generation this year. However, cosplay and comics themselves are alive and well nonetheless. With comics becoming darker, edgier, and more complex, many experts say they are consistently gathering fans from a more mature audience.

Embracing modern shifts, many content creators at the convention took the opportunity to showcase their comics as apps for popular smart phones and tablets. New titles available for tablets like the iPad are likely to attract new fans of all ages.


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