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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

FaerieCon West – One of the Best Reasons to Dress in Costume during February

Looking for a great reason to dress in costume this February? If you’re on the West Coast or can make it out to Seattle this weekend, you certainly shouldn’t miss the up and coming FaerieCon West. FaerieCon West is a spin off from its original east coast counterpart FaerieCon and will be taking place for the first time ever this weekend.

The weekend long celebration will take place at the nationally acclaimed Renaissance West hotel in downtown Seattle, just a few city blocks away from the famous Pike Market. Guest will be able to enjoy world class accommodations while fully emerging themselves in a fantasy world all their own.

Many great guests are already lined up to make appearances and to perform at this weekend’s premier event. The roster even includes fantastic bands whom will provide the music for the much-awaited FaerieCon West masquerades.

Like the original FaerieCon, FaerieCon West will feature masquerade dance parties where all attendees will be in costume. Of course, most will be dressed as faeries and other fantasy winged creatures for the evening. Good Faerie and Bad Faerie masquerade balls – you’ll for the evening! This year’s feature masquerades are entitled the Good Faerie and Bad Faerie masquerade balls, so you’ll need to make your choice before you decide which costume to wear!

Aside from all of the masquerade fun, FaerieCon West guest will get to enjoy awesome exhibitors showcasing beautiful apparel, jewelry, masks, and other handmade crafts, fashion shows, performers, storytellers, panels, workshops, and more.

If you don’t make it out to FaerieCon West this year, start planning now for next year now! This event is shaping up to become an annual west coast must see for fantasy, fairy, and costume lovers alike!


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