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Friday, February 10, 2012

Cosplay – Sometimes it’s all about the Accessories!

What sets a good costume apart from a great costume? When each are made from the same materials and with the same great craftsmanship the answer is simple. It is quite arguably the accessories. What would Dr. Spock be without his pointy ears and what would the Jedi knights be without their light sabers? What would Batman look like without his signature belt? As far as many costume critics are concerned, probably woefully ill equipped.

Accessories can really make a costume stand out and in fact, they are what many cosplay enthusiasts spend the most time planning. If you’re going to cosplay Queen Elizabeth, your look just won’t be the same without an aristocratic wig and jewelry and if you’re going to play a pirate, you might look pretty boring without a decent sword, bandana, or eye patch.

When putting your costume together to attend your next Comic Con event or masquerade, make sure you look at multiple still shots of your character. It can be easy to overlook the details unless you really examine every body part from head to toe. Does your character wear multiple rings on their pinky finger? Then, if at all possible, of course you should too. Even the subtlest details make a difference.

Accuracy is important when it comes to costume accessories, but it’s also important to remember that, while it’s good for your costume accessories to look like they belong right on a Hollywood set, that you certainly don’t need to spend as much on them as a studio would spend on a professional prop or costume designer. There are so many great costume accessories available right on the web at affordable prices.

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