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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Victoria Secret goes Cosplay Crazy!

Last year, Victoria’s Secret, the lingerie retail giant who is perhaps best known for sending the top models in the industry down the runway each year, decided to change things up a bit. The company spent over $12 million turning their supermodels into “superheroes” using sci-fi and comic book inspired costumes that were adjusted to create an extra feminine flair.

Capes, wings, and tights filled Victoria’s Secrets Lexington Amory housed runway during the first week of November 2011, during what one could call “one giant leap” into the mainstream for the art of cosplay. Model’s costumes were even completed with props such as glow sticks, heels, wings, heroic white gloves and more.

Some of the costumes in the show took direct inspiration from popular and specific characters while others went a bit more out on a limb. The world famous Adriana Lima’s costume which mimicked the color palette of Deathstroke from Terminator, was one of the biggest hits of the show which was eventually was aired for public enjoyment by CBS at 10 p.m. on November 29th. While other looks throughout the show disappointed some cosplay bloggers who thought Victoria’s Secret could’ve made the get-ups a bit more “field-worthy,” many seemed to appreciate the effort and the homage to the every growing cosplay community.

Last year’s Victoria’s Secret’s fashion show may have been one of many recent signs that cosplay is making its way into the mainstream, and of course the Victoria Secret’s looked great in their Superhero inspired garb. However, the members of the devoted cosplay community that can be seen at Comic Cons and expos all around the globe still seem to rock their costumes and know their characters the best!

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