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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Social Networks Just for Cosplay!

One of the best things about social networking is that it has allowed members of niche groups with many like interests in common to link up with each other even if they are spread throughout the globe. With a little help from social networking, the cosplay community has become an enormous global one. Many cosplayers who would’ve otherwise never met each other have made life-long friendships.

If you are new to cosplay and looking for places to meet other cosplayers, you can start on some of the larger social networking sites like Facebook, but you’ll definitely want to check out some of the genre specific social networks as well. No matter what particular genre interests you when it comes to cosplay, chances are you’ll be able to find other on-line who share the same passion.

There are so many networks out there. All you need to do is a little exploring and searching. Try networks like Cosspace, AALikeThese2, Cosplay Islant, and the Soul Society-Bleach Social Network. The social network Anime Kasei is for otaku or newbies to cosplaying! It’s a great place to start connecting with other cosplayers and you may also want to try Naruto Buzz which features message boards, forums, chats, a cosplay store for everyone and also gives its members the ability to instant message each other Many cosplayers love this community and best of all, membership is free.

If you’re particularly into manga and anime, you may want to check out the MyAnimeList community. This site is like pinterest for anime lovers, allowing you to organize your collections and discover new things.

As the love for cosplay has grown so has its internet presence. In turn cosplays internet presence has helped the cosplay continue to grow and unite!

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