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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Famous Cosplayer Crystal Graziano goes Pro!

If you love cosplay chances are you’ve become acquainted with famous cosplayer Crystal Graziano. From Metal Gear to Valkyria Chronical, Crystal Graziano is said to be one of the most recognizable video game cosplayers on the internet and in person. Crystal is a self taught cosplayer who started cosplaying in 2005 at San Diego Comic Con and has enjoyed the hobby ever since. She has been featured along with her awesome costumes in many mainstream publications like The San Diego Tribune, OC Weekly, and more. Gracing the pages of many gaming publications likLinke Xbox World Magazine and Official Playstation Magazine UK as well, she is the winner of gamer hearts everywhere! Crystal can also boast about two first place awards for cosplay costumes in 2010 and an impressive “Best Construction” award at Anime Conji 2011.

Now, cosplay artist Crystal is going pro! Last week the Fancy Pants cosplay feature from Kotaku reported that Crystal has just signed a one year sponsorship deal with developer Firefall developers Red 5 Studios. In fact, a great deal of Crystal’s work is now sponsored. When it comes to the Red 5 deal, the developer will be paying for each of Crystal’s cosplay costumes throughout 2012 no matter what she wants to wear. Talk about living the dream! The developer will be paying for all tools, costumes, and even photography in exchange for Crystal’s appearance as Firefall Mourningstar at all 2012 press and community events.

For a cosplayer whose mission is “to make sure [her] costumes as real looking as accurate as possible,” the sponsorship certainly doesn’t sound like a bad deal! Crystal’s own Firefall Mourningstar costume is being created by Hollywood effects living Steve Wang, the man who built the original predator. As “Fancy Pants” points out, sponsorships like these are proof that cosplay is certainly not just a hobby for “nerds” anymore. It is now respected as a serious (and lucrative) form of art!


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