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Monday, December 5, 2011

Original Cowardly Lion Costume to be Sold at Auction this Month

One of the most famous costumes of all time, the Cowardly Lion’s costume from the world renowned classic Hollywood motion picture “The Wizard of Oz” is scheduled to be put up for auction later this month. The very coveted costume is expected to fetch a record breaking sale price that costume and memorabilia experts say may be upwards of $3 million.

The sale of the Cowardly Lion Costume will offer private collectors the rare chance to own a costume that is world famous. Such classic wardrobe pieces are often locked away behind glass in museums open to the public. If fact, the Cowardly Lion costume has been in the possession of The Los Angeles County Museum of Art during the last several decades.

The costume itself is quite the couture art piece. The body of the costume is actually made of real lion hide and the mask was perfectly custom molded to actor Bert Lahr’s face, the actor who played in the film alongside Judy Garland. The costume was worn at some of the most memorable moments in the film, including when the Cowardly Lion first meets Dorothy.

James Comisar, a specialist in preserving cultural materials at The Los Angeles County Museum of Art told reporters “We can all relate to not having enough courage, and I believe that’s why the Cowardly Lion continues to resonate year after year and generation after generation.” The way the character still resonates with so many today should make for a large bidding pool for the costume that represents it, securing the likelihood of a high sale price.

The costume is scheduled to be auctioned during the December 15th and 16th auction that has been organized by “Profiles in History.” The auction will take place at the The Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills.


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