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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Mummer’s Museum - A Great Place to see Great Costumes

Taking a trip to the city of Brotherly Love? There are surely many interesting sites to see, but don’t forget to visit the Mummer’s Museum, especially if you have an appreciation for the art of the costume. The Mummer’s Museum is the only place you can see the best collection of mummer paraphernalia and memorabilia, including the spectacular costumes the annual parade of its namesake is known for.

The museum houses a rich collection of costumes, many dating back as far as the turn of the 20th Century. You can view some of the costumes from parades of past on the Museum’s website, such as the wildly lavish 1985 “King of the Jungle” costume creating by Ferko Silly Symfunny, but to truly appreciate a mummer costume, it is best to see it in person. Mummer costumes traditionally take months or even years to create. The men and women who create them painstakingly apply all of the details by hand. Then, they finally show them off at the Mummer’s Day Parade which is held annually on New Year’s Day in the historic and diverse urban center that is Philadelphia.

Thanks to the Mummer’s Museum, visitors can get see a real Mummer’s Day costume any day of the year and even bring home a little piece of the Mummer’s spirit from the Mummer’s Museum gift shop. The museum is located at 1100 South 2nd Street in Philadelphia at the intersection of 2nd Street at Washington Avenue. Visitors of all ages can enjoy low cost admission to the museum since tickets cost just $3.50 for adults and $2.50 for children under 12, students, and seniors.

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