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Monday, December 19, 2011

Costume Con 30 is Just around the Corner

Although New Year’s Eve isn’t even quite here yet, history has it that spring is just around the corner. The end of short days a just a bit more warmth should certainly give you something to look forward to if you’re currently experiencing the Holiday or winter blues. Fortunately, a rise in temperature and some brighter sunshine aren’t the only things cosplay fans will have to look forward to this coming Spring – they can also delight in the coming of CostumeCon30, which will be held at the Tempe Mission Palms Hotel in Tempe Arizona from May 11th 2012 through May 14th 2012.

Best put by Costume Con 30’s official website, “Costume Con 30 is a celebration of costuming where amateur, hobbyists, and professional costumers come together for a weekend to share knowledge, appreciation, and love of all types of costuming.” This year’s event slogan is “The Sands of Time,” and appropriately enough, costume and cosplay artisans will be exhibiting and selling costumes based in many historical time periods during the May event.

Love a good sparring match of sorts? Costume Con 30 will allow costume connoisseurs to compete in multiple arenas throughout the event. The historical masquerade, which is a series of short presentations showing off historical costumes, will feature a competition convention goers can sign up to enter for now.

Competitions will also be held during the science fiction/fantasy masquerade, giving science fiction fans the chance to really show off their stuff. If days of old are not quite you’re style, you can even compete in the future fashion folio and show off your post modern costume flair, and of course all cosplay lovers are invited to enter the single pattern art/wearable art contest.

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