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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What to do if you’re Invited to a Costume Party

Costume Parties are fun for people of all ages and regaining popularity with adults from all walks of life. In today’s high-speed world, where friends, coworkers, and neighbors often do most of their socializing online, people are craving new ways to have fun and catch up in person. Costume parties or masquerades are a great excuse to get together with some friends, drink some punch, and just enjoy.

Here we’ll talk about what to do if you’ve been invited to a costume party and want to attend, but are a bit apprehensive about getting ready!

First of all, don’t be shy! Take advantage of this fun opportunity. It’s not every day you have the license to be a superhero or an old time southern belle. However, if you’re invited to a costume party, the first thing you’ll want to do is check to see if there is a theme. Once you know if you’ll be shopping within a theme or if options are completely open, get ready to go shopping.

Come up with a budget for what you want to spend on the occasion. You can get a great and convincing costume under the hundred dollar range or choose to go elaborate by adding more detail and high quality fabrics. Online retailers like Moon Costumes make shopping for your costumes and accessories all in one place easy. Take some time to browse the site and get ideas if you don’t already know what you want to dress up as.

Once you make your final decision, make a checklist of everything you’ll need to make the look convincing, even down to the hairspray if you plan to be an 80’s Rocker for instance. Try shopping for the main body of the costume and costume accessories right online. For those small drugstore items like bobby pins to clip your hair up under a wig for instance, be sure to bring your checklist.


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