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Friday, November 11, 2011

What does Cosplay mean to You?

What exactly is Cosplay? Well, one blogger (and avid cosplayer) recently explained to her readers exactly what she believes the ever popular hobby shouldn’t be – simply an excuse to go out and get hit on. Sure, going to cosplay conventions is a great way to meet people, and the conventions even end up being the place where many costume enthusiasts end up finding love, but Yaya Han of the CNN blog “Geek Out” wants readers to remember that cosplaying is so much more than a form of a costume enthusiast mating ritual.

Instead, Yaya defines cosplay as “an unlimited creative outlet.” The blogger explains she was simply a fan artist sketching characters and selling her art pieces at auctions before she got into cosplay. “Once I discovered cosplay, it was like, ‘I don’t have to draw my favorite characters, I can become my favorite characters,” she explained.

Yaya explains that the cosplay community is an amazing one and whose members often has custom costumes created for particular events. These custom costumes are often phenomenal works of art like no other. Both meticulous hand sewing and attention to every detail go into creating an amazing character get up.

Han, who recently attended New York Comic Con in New York City, recalled being interviewed by A New York Post photographer who asked to take her photo. Although she spoke to him about making costumes, the passion behind it, the calendar that must be strictly followed to stay on deadline and why cosplayers create, when the article came out, it focused on quotes about girls looking hot in cosplay costumes and getting hit on. Instead of seeing women in beautiful, and yes, often attractive, cosplay costumes, Yaya wants everyone to remember to instead appreciate the amazing works of art that their costumes are.


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