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Friday, November 25, 2011

Columnist Xazmin Garza Urges Women to Rethink Halloween Costumes

In recent years, many women have adopted Halloween as their favorite day of the year to show off their sex appeal. This year was no exception, but now that Halloween 2011 is behind us, Xazmin Garza, columnist for the Las Vegas Review Journal, wants women to ditch their sexy costumes next year.

The columnist called out the sexy Halloween trend in a recent article in an effort to remind women that Halloween was once about more than just good looks. The columnist believes that the many women who use the holiday as an excuse to show off and pick up men have become misguided.

To be fair, Xazmin does state that while she knows many men are naturally fans of sexy Halloween costumes, they aren’t the only ones perpetuating the trend. She recalls being personally told by another woman to show off more skin after being seen dressed as a true to life (not-so-sexy) gangster during a Halloween party last year.

The main issue that columnist Xazmin Garza and many other writers have with the sexy costume trend is that it takes away from the more creative side of Halloween and costume creation. “You’re better than a costume that requires zero imagination, no wit and makes you look like your SAT scores are a well-kept family secret,” Garza exclaims.

The truth is that dressing up is often about having fun. No matter how you like to celebrate Halloween or to have fun, whether it is with a thought provoking costume or one that is simply provocative, Moon Costumes is here to help. If you don’t see what you’re looking for in Moon’s selection of ready-made costumes and desire, like Xazmin, to get even more creative, you can inquire about having a custom costume made to meet your needs! The sooner you start planning for next year, the more detailed and creative your costume can be.


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