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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Art of Cosplay Invades the UK

David Axbey of Movie Con Media (MCM) Expo group, who is responsible for organizing London Comic Con, explains “Cosplay’s popularity across the United Kingdom is skyrocketing.” With tens of thousands of devoted cosplayers residing in the U.S. and throughout Asia, the art of honoring characters through costume is now very celebrated throughout Europe and the UK as well. Cosplay’s increasing popularity in the UK is made evident by the ever growing numbers of fans who have made it out to London Comic Con over the past few years as well as the number of new cosplay events popping up around the country.

Last month, the MCM group partnered with serious cosplayers to organize and hold the 2011 EuroCosplay Championships which took place on October 29th at EXCEL, London’s larger expo center. The championship was designed to further strengthen and raise the profile of the cosplay community throughout Europe and of course ended up receiving a great turnout.

While London Comic Con focuses on merch, memorabilia, and panels surrounding anime, sci-fi, comic, and fantasy works along with a little cosplay in the mix, the EuroCosplay Championships put their main focus on the art of costume. This year’s EuroCosplay Championships were judged by three experienced cosplayers from Brazil, Japan, and the United States.

Judges do score cosplayers based on creativity during the championship, arriving at a few ultimate “winners,” for the day. However, it can be said that every cosplayer who makes it out to compete is a winner in their own right simply for having the courage to pursue their creative passions. The open enthusiasm that seasoned cosplayers show for the art at such events seems to be attracting more and more UK residents to a flourishing cosplay community!


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