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Monday, October 3, 2011

Anne Hathaway’s Full Catwoman Costume Finally Revealed

In the up and coming “Dark Knight Rises,” the next feature film in the Batman series, award winning Actress Anne Hathaway will play “Catwoman.” The film, which isn’t scheduled to be released until late 2012, has already received quite a bit of buzz. Many Batman fans are particularly concerned about just what the wardrobe department has in the works.

In August of 2011, fans received a sneak peak of just a part Anne Hathway’s Catwoman costume some gave the getup less than rave reviews. Last week, the entire updated costume was finally revealed, giving fans some answers to the questions that were brought up by the sneak peak back in August.

After the August reveal, one blogger wrote “Where are Catwoman’s ears? And what’s up with her eyewear?” The costume, which seemed to include very subtle ears, looked a bit more like a hairpiece than a feline body part. It also seemed to feature very simple black eye mask worn just over the upper portion of Hathaway’s face. Some were worried that it was just a bit too plain.

The new paparazzi shots, however, reveal that the costume might be a bit more sophisticated than it originally appeared. Catwoman’s glasses actually seem to flip up to create ear-like points above her head. The mask appears to be an interesting adaptation of Bruce Wayne’s own. A very tight leather jumpsuit coupled with dangerously high heels complete the look. Claws seem to be missing from Catwoman’s “Dark Knight Rises” costume from the pictures that have been released so far, but that is not to say they aren’t retractable or something else that we’ll be able to see later. Some fans are still not completely convinced the costume is as exciting as they would like it to be, but Anne Hathaway has promised that they have still seen only about 1/10th of what the costume can do.

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