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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Top 10 Reasons to Dress in Costume

10. Parades

There are many parades that happen throughout the year. Some of the best known are the Mardi Gras, and Pride Parades, but different regions have their own local parades as well.

9. Masquerade Balls

Whether you’re invited to a charity event or it’s part of a larger weekend gathering, the costume style should be specified on the invitation—from formal dress with just a half mask to elaborate costumes.

8. Any holidays

The celebratory nature of many holidays makes it a great excuse to dress up. Our Holiday Costumes section includes Christmas, Easter, July 4th and St. Patrick’s Day, but don’t let that limit you! We make custom costumes too!

7. LARPs

Live Action Role Playing games can often involve costumes, in order to complete the illusion of the world created for the game. They can be as simple as elaborate as you like!

6. Historical Re-enactments

Whatever time period fascinates you, there is likely to be a society that organizes historical re-enactments. Examples include a Civil War battle or a Victorian tea.

5. Other types of Cons – Sci-fi, Steampunk, Horror, Twilight, there’s a million of ‘em!

There are all types of conventions these days for all types of fans! Check their website before you attend to make sure you aren’t asked to leave for not complying with their rules!

4. Renaissance Faires

Attend in costume, or become part of the crew!

3. Comic Cons

Dress like your favorite superhero or villain and express your fandom!

2. Cosplay

Derived from combining the words “costume” and “play”, cosplay is more than just wearing a costume—it’s more like performance art. Not only do you take on the persona of the character, you may be asked to interact in a scene or a battle! Fun!

1. Halloween

It doesn’t matter if you get a treat, dressing up and stepping outside of yourself for a day can be reward enough!

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