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Monday, September 5, 2011

Plenty of Time for Cosplay at the 2012 Anime Expo

Ever since the Anime Expo was founded in 1992, cosplay has been a big part of the event. Each year, there are many specific mini-events within the Anime Expo event designed to allow expo-goers to show their passion for cosplay and their favorite characters. If you’re not one to feel comfortable dressing up to walk throughout the general expo floor, you’re sure to find the following events a great reason to put together and bring a costume!

The Masquerade is the biggest cosplay event at the Anime Expo. At this event, cosplayers will be treated to extravagant costumes and performances on stage. For this event, you’ll want to get your tickets early as the house is packed for this event year after year.

If you don’t make it to The Masquerade itself, you might want to check out the Pop Shock Masquerade which showcases costuming from a wide variety of genres and style spectrums. At this morning event, fans will be dressing up in looks from Steampunk to Angelic or Gothic. J Rock and J Pop are also popular themes. Think you’ve got one of the best costumes to show off at this event, you can register online to compete!

Are small scale costume parties more your speed? Then you’ll want to attend the Chibi Masquerade. This is set up as a mini version of the Masquerade. It’s a great way to see great skits without being in long lines or having to deal with the stress of competition. This is a more casual time for cosplay enthusiasts to get acquainted with masquerade events.

Last but not least, another event you’ll want to look into is the Midnight Tea. Here cosplayers venture from table to table, each with its unique fantasy story to tell. No real food or drink is served at this event, but faux treat displayed will be showcased.

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