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Friday, August 12, 2011

True Blood Inspired Halloween Costumes

True Blood, which is now running its 4th season on HBO as we speak, has established millions of fans who have been simply raving mad about the show (in a good way) since its inception back in 2008. …and what’s a super fan to do in order to show their level of dedication? The answer is simple – dress up like one of the characters from the 2011 season of True Blood for Halloween.

Previously streets and parties everywhere were filled with vampire, werewolf, Bill Compton and Eric Northman costumes. This year, fans are looking forward to dressing up as characters inspired by the new season.

Fairy costumes will be big this Halloween in order to pay homage the season 4 episode where Sookie pays a visit to Fairy Land. You’ll be able to use the vast array of resources available online to create your look as a rose fairy, skull fair, fallen angel, pixie, Woodland, Goth, garden, or even a cupcake fairy. You’ll want to start planning your fairy costume early from top to bottom thinking about shoes, colored wigs, makeup, tights, and other accessories.

Those who aren’t so into the cutsie look are getting inspired by True Blood’s dark season 4 vibe and going for the bewitching look. Dark Midnight Witch costumes are another get-up of choice for Halloween 2011. Think about wearing a black sexy dress, black gloves, black heels, a black sorest belt, black caplet or cape, along with a pointy witch hat. Don’t forget to add the witchy Halloween makeup.

Aside from True Blood Halloween costumes, True Blood Halloween parties will also be going on around the world. Why not get all dressed up and host your own? Don’t forget the Vampire inspired drink ideas! Red food coloring will be flying off the shelves!

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