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Thursday, June 23, 2011

More Fun at Anime Expo

This is only a portion of the maids that will be there to serve you at AX Maid Cafe! ^^

We’ve told you about all the cosplay at Anime Expo, --Los Angeles Convention Center July 1 – 4-- but there are other ways to showcase your anime and manga knowledge and cosplay performance abilities!

AX Idol gives attendees the unique opportunity to display their voice acting and singing talents in front of both fans and respected industry professionals. Sing your favorite anime tune or recite the script of your choice!

Anime Singled Out - join the hundreds of other attendees for a chance to win your dream girl or guy! Your chance at winning depends on your otaku compatibility.

Anime Trivia Show – with categories ranging from regular trivia, anime clip trivia, and music trivia, audience participation is always a big part of the craziness!

AMV Chef - Inspired by “Iron Chef,” AX’s AMV Chef is a duel between two masters of the anime music video craft who have just three short hours to create an AMV from scratch, in front of a live audience, using just six video “ingredients,” the most important of which isn’t announced until just seconds before they begin!

Battle of the Bands - Powerful titans will clash and musical weapons of myth will be wielded by only the most masterful of muses in preparation for supreme combat. Do you wish to join the insane musical combat? Do you dream about the glory of victory? Then get ready…because this battle is not for the weak.

Last Comic Standing - Got a funny story from AX 2004? Have a video game joke? Win prizes and become an Anime Expo® Comic star, or live in ridicule and shame for the rest of your life.

Maid Café - When they aren’t performing for you on stage, our maids and hosts will be at your table to keep you company, play games with you, and converse with all you wonderful Goshujin-sama and Ojou-sama (Masters and Mistresses)!


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