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Friday, June 10, 2011

Fun June Holidays

Holiday gives us plenty of reasons to dress up in costume this month!

June 10th is Nursing Assistants Day - Nursing assistants, sometimes called nurse aides, orderlies, and geriatric aides, assist in the care of patients. You can pay homage by dressing like one by doing a search using the term “nurse” or “medical”. What an array of choices! And the potential for a lot of fun playing doctor!

June 12th is Red Rose Day – which really only brings to mind one character – the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. Of course, you’re always welcome to do a search using the words “red” or “rose” and see what tickles your fancy.

June 14th is Flag Day – a search using the word “flag” brought up not just American flag related items, but also racing flags, pirate flags and confederate flags. Check out our Holiday Costumes section for July 4th costumes and related Americana and be ready for both holidays!

June 23rd is Pink Day – Do a search using the word “pink” and you’ll be overcome with pinkness! Have fun with Breast Cancer Awareness events and make use of our ballerina, pink gorilla, big pink baby, or Pink Lady costumes. There are also pink versions of a pirate chick, a cowgirl, a witch, Miss Mafia, or sassy sailor, as well as a sexy fairy in pink, and many more.

June 27th is Sun Glasses Day – our Accessories section has a plethora of glasses to choose from! There was no historical reason or description given for the day, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Elton John had something to do with it. Do you really need an excuse to celebrate?

We suggest spending this weekend, June 10 – 12, handing out red roses to nurse’s aides. Help them be ready for the upcoming weeks by also giving an American flag and pink sunglasses!


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