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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cosplay at Anime Expo

Anime Expo, taking place at the Los Angeles Convention Center from July 1 – 4, is holding such a massive amount of programming, it boggles the anime-loving mind. They had to break the events down into easily digestible sub-categories, but since we’re most interested in cosplay, let’s look at those first.

Cosplay has been an integral component of Anime Expo since its beginning in 1992. Fans from all walks of life converge to show their passion for anime and cosplay-- whether they wear their costumes within the halls or appear on stage before family and friends, all cosplayers join to show off their passion for Japanese animation and culture.

Masquerade - The biggest cosplay event at Anime Expo offers extravagant costumes and some of the best cosplay performances on stage. Year after year, cosplayers () keep coming back to put on a show for you.

Pop Shock Masquerade – because cosplay is much more than Anime and Manga. Give me Lolitas! Give me Steampunk! Give me a Morning Musume cosplay troupe! Show me your best Hard Gay! Angelic or Gothic, J Rock or J Pop, this competition showcases fans of a wide spectrum of fashion genres and celebrities that shape our fandom.

Chibi Masquerade - The mini version of Masquerade, Chibi Masquerade serves as a great way to see great skits without the long lines and the stress of competition. This event is often a starting ground for the best and brightest in Masquerades to come– you can see them first here.

Midnight Tea - Venture from table to table of enchanting characters, each brimming with faux treats that look good enough to eat. Each party has its own story to tell, limited only by their imagination and skill. This competitive event showcases cosplayers and crafters in an interior design challenge with a tea party theme. NOTE: No food or drink will be served.

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