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Monday, April 18, 2011

From A Professional Cosplayer

This interview with Yaya Han, professional costume designer, model and cosplay entertainer, was published a while ago, but the information is still golden!

Why Cosplay

At the beginning it was just fun to portray my favorite characters and interact with other fans. Costuming makes the most bold statement about what your fandom is, anyone can see what show you like from across the hall. It's a lot more creative and eye-catching …and it brightens the whole convention hall, which without costumers would be just a bunch of people in T-shirt and jeans.

From Fun to Career

I design for TV production companies, clubs, and photographers; make regular guest appearances at conventions to teach panels and workshops on costuming, judge and/or host contests. On top of all that, I am an exhibitor (vendor) at over 20 conventions per year, selling my hand crafted costume accessories and items to the general public.

Choosing costumes

For replicating an existing character, it's a combination of love for the character and the design of the costume. There has to be both for me to want to spend the time and effort on making the outfit. For designing my own costume, I get inspired by almost anything – music, books, artwork and photos, movies etc. Usually something strikes me and I become obsessed with turning an idea into a costume, and I start sketching and looking for materials immediately.

Advice for beginning cosplayers

  • Have fun for yourself, don't dress up in costumes for attention or to fit in – those are not fulfilling reasons to put all this time and effort into a hobby.
  • Really try to find the joy in researching and making your costumes
  • Also, don't judge other people and their costumes, and don't let them judge you either. Just go have a blast!

For more about Yaya Han visit her website


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