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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Resurrection Hopes for Japan

This Easter weekend gives you a handful of choices for anime and cosplay that spread across the country--from Anime Boston in the northeast, Hoshicon in North Carolina, Anime Punch in Ohio, LouisiAnime and Middle Tennessee Anime Con (MTAC) in the South and Sakura-Con in the Pacific Northwest. But there are two that really seem to be making the Easter themes of resurrection and springtime renewal a noticeable part of their anime and cosplay cons.

MTAC has posted a heartfelt request for donations for Japan before you reach their Con’s site, reminding everyone that, “the honorable island nation of Japan - origin of the art form that entertains and enriches many of us - was dealt a catastrophic blow through trembling earth and surging waters,” and asks attendees to take “just 5% of what [they] might spend in the dealer room or restaurant and donate it to relief and recovery efforts.” The letter goes on to ask that everyone please consider the best way to thank Japan, whether by donating money or time – “for both its place in the history of our species and the media which has originated there,” and ends with “Let us not allow the rising sun to set.”

They offer t-shirts and posters for sale with all proceeds going to relief efforts in Japan, and they’re having a Red Cross blood drive, where donors will get free gifts and entered to win prizes.

Seattle’s Sakura-Con also has an appeal for donations on their homepage, and is offering a thank you gift for those who donate. They’re also selling posters to raise money for charity efforts in Japan.

Both have cosplay and costume contests and MTAC’s masquerade theme is Alice in Wonderland—nothing says Easter like a White Rabbit! Plus, helping Japan resurrect itself seems like a great way for Otakus to celebrate the weekend.


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