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Friday, March 25, 2011

Top 10 Twists on April Fools Pranks

The origins of April Fool’s Day are speculative and convoluted, but we’re more interested in the laughs anyway. A visit to our Magic and Clown section will help you create them!

Choose your favorite pair of clown shoes, show up to work in a full clown costume or fool your friends with magic tricks. But the real motherlode is in our Gags & Pranks section with almost 100 chances to shock people into laughter (sometimes literally). Among them are classic explosive surprises, snakes jumping out of seemingly innocent containers, pretend messes, and a variety of smoke, snaps, and squirts.

Here are our top 10 favorite twists on the classics!

1. Funkenring Metal - Wear this and anything you touch will shoot off sparks at your command!

2. Squirt Stapler – It looks like a real stapler, but squirts instead of stapling.

3. Plate Lifter –slip this under someone's plate and watch the fun when you make the plate or glass move!

4. Dehydrated Worms - Drop them in any drink and watch them grow…along with the startled eyes of your victim!

5. Exhaust Whistle – This metal device fits into the tail pipe and screams when your victim drives off.

6. Bar Bug Ice Cube - Looks like bugs are in your drink. See if anyone alerts you!

7. Ketchup Squirt - When you squeeze the bottle, red strings startle your victim, who leaves relieved, laughing and unstained.

8. Pop Up Tie Deluxe – Wait for just the right moment to let your tie raise and stands out stiff as a board.

9. Chocolate Mess - Looks like chocolate syrup spilled from an open can tipped on its side. Pretend to lick it up!

10. Phony Cast – This realistic imitation white plaster arm cast will have people doing favors out of sympathy for you all day! Finish the day with a good arm wrestle and a chuckle.

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