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Monday, March 7, 2011

Daily Cosplay Inspirations

If you go to Anime News Network, you may notice a feature known as “Daily Cosplay”. We’re always happy to see cosplay whenever we can, and the more often, the better!

Each photo is accompanied by an explanation of the anime, manga or video game character, an identification of the cosplayer, if available, and the copyright holder for the photo. And if you click the photographer/copyright owner’s link, you can see more from them!

So far, in March, there have been four (4) Daily Cosplay photos you can see and comment on. They are:

Gurren Lagann's Nia, taken at the 2010 Leipzig Book Fair in Leipzig, Germany

Cosplayer portrays Nia Teppelin from Gainax's television anime Gurren Lagann. Nia wears the outfit portrayed above later in the series after it is revealed that she is not who she seems to be. In the comments, we learn that the cosplayer is Marino, who has plenty of cosplay photos to admire.

Bleach's Byakuya Kuchiki taken at the Montreal Botanical Garden in Canada

Cosplayer Marie-Pier Evoy portrays a major character in Tite Kubo's manga Bleach and its anime adaptation. He wields the zanpakutō Senbonzakura, which can dissolve into a collection of small blades shaped like cherry blossoms.

Final Fantasy XIII Trio -- Game's Sazh, Hope, Vanille portrayed at 2010 Tokyo Game Show

Characters from Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIII videogame. In the game, these characters and several others join together to fight against the theocratic government called Sanctum.

K-On!'s Mio Akiyama -- Cosplayer portrays character's outfit from "Don't Say Lazy" ending footage.

Cosplayer portrays Mio Akiyama, a primary character in kakifly's popular manga K-ON! and its television anime adaptation. With friends, Mio forms the band Ho-kago Tea Time and writes most of the band's music, as well as singing the vocals on some of its tracks.

Find inspiration for your next cosplay costume at animenewsnetwork/interest!


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