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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Renaissance Faires in Sunny Climes

(From the 2010 Florida Renaissance Festival)

This weekend you can attend the opening of the Bay Area Renaissance Festival in Tampa, Florida. They’ll celebrate with a Buccaneer Beer Fest, and next weekend they’ll have a Royal Pet Fest! Along with a Pet Costume Contest, they’ll have a Wine Tasting for the owners and rest of the crowd. But those are only some of their theme weekends. Every weekend they’ll have a Pirate Feast, and free mass wedding vow renewals. You could even plan your whole wedding to take place during the Faire. They seem to assume you’ll be attending in costume because their general info page contains a weapons policy at the bottom. Check our Medieval and Renaissance Costumes section for ideas.

Further south, you can find the Florida Renaissance Festival celebrating their 19th year in Deerfield Beach, near Fort Lauderdale. This weekend is their Pets Weekend, the Medieval Menagerie, while next weekend is Wenches Weekend with Bodacious Bodices. If you need an idea of what you might wear for that, type “bodice” into our search box. You’ll see a sexy Guinivere, a Buccaneer Babe, Lady in Waiting, or a Pirate Wench. Of course, they don’t mention dressing in costume on their site, but you can always volunteer or become paid staff, and then they’d certainly want you in costume! They’ll marry you here too.

On the other side of the country, in the dry, hot West, you’ll find the Arizona Renaissance Festival in Phoenix. While they’ll also marry you, you can’t bring your pets. But there are lots of Pirates, Knights and Celts to entertain you, as well as a Middle Eastern Mirage of belly dancing and such and a Jester’s April Fools contest. Their website explains, “You are welcome to come dressed in costume and costumes are available for rental. Costume swords and daggers are permitted as long as they are properly sheathed and peace tied.”


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