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Monday, February 7, 2011

Anime Hair is the Finishing Touch

You can have the best cosplay costume with all of the perfect accessories, but if you don’t have the right hair, it won’t be complete.

If you want to cut and color your hair to match your character, it’s best to have it done by a professional. Keep in mind that repeated coloring – especially when you have to bleach it and then apply bright colors—can be extremely damaging to your hair. Even better – buy a wig and cut and style it to match!

Here are a few tips we’ve gathered around the web to help you out:

How to Style Crazy Anime Hair comes with the warning that it requires “many hours spent in front of the mirror to try all combinations….” and “you are definitely going to need tons and tons of gel. Don't forget the hairspray, and definitely don't forget to finish it off with your fingers. Remember, detail is everything!”

The Gypsy Roses Cosplaying page has both makeup and hair tips, but for the Cosplay hair, you’ll have to scroll about halfway down the page for the tutorial videos. Their tip:

“2 words that changed my life... 'Flat Iron'! If you're like me the below styles would not be possible without one, (unless you thinned/layered your hair a LOT). Many new possibilities will open up to you should you become proficient with a flat iron, though. I highly recommend them! Make sure to use the protective sprays etc. with them, though, as heat can be very damaging."

* "There's always option B, also, wigs! If you have a big head make sure to buy one that is a larger size, though, for as in clothing... one size does NOT fit all!"

For tips on styling wigs, check out How to Make Cosplay Wigs from and watch a video on How to Style a Gokundera Wig for a Cosplay Costume.

How to Style Crazy Anime Hair


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