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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cosplaying with Your Heart

Convention pointed us to this Bruno Mars song parody video from College Humor called “Cosplay with my Heart”. It seems to say that cosplaying is cool, LARPing is obsessive, and furry lovin’ may go too far, but it’s all in fun!

Cosplay with my Heart

(to Bruno Mars’ “Just the Way You Are”)

Her dress, her dress, it’s so true to film I can’t believe it

Her buns, her buns, how’d she get them both so even

She’s so accurate, though I prefer when she does “slave”

Yeah, I’ll go as Solo , when we walk the con floor people don’t believe it

And I know those photos, when you search for her will be the first ones you see

And every time she shows me a new sword she made, I say:

When I see your sai,

I know that’s a costume you didn’t buy

Girl you’re amazing, when you cosplay your part.

And when you pose, I know that being with you pwns

‘Cuz you’re so convincing, you cosplay with my heart.

Girl, her wig, her wig, it’s a perfect blue so it matches just right.

Her suit, her suit, so real it could take a robot in a fight.

She’s so authentic. She did so much more than me.

Oh you know, you know, you know, I’m really into the scene,

But she is really into it, you know what I mean?

Hey don’t get me wrong you know I really can’t complain she likes anime.

And when you role play, you stay in character all day

Damn, you’re committed and I didn’t know you LARPed.

Okay you’ve crossed the line. This may be your thing but it’s not mine.

Cuz girl you are crazy, you’ve taken this too far.

Thought there was no such thing as a girl too nutty for me,

But now I’ve met her, and she cosplays and LARPs.


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