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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmassy Cavalcade of Costume Fun

Click on our Holiday link to find the Christmas Costumes section and you’ll see a Christmassy cavalcade of costume fun! Accessories and décor too! Classic Santa costumes can be found as well as the necessary padding so that when Santa laughs his belly will jiggle like a bowl full of jelly. We’ve even got a super classy Victorian Santa costume whose outfit includes a green satin robe with gold trim and a gold rope belt to go under the hooded cape in classic red velvet with white (faux) fur trim.

There are also reindeer costumes and elf costumes, (antlers for the family dog too!), as well as Mrs. Claus costumes (depicted in all stages and ages!).

Wise men and shepherd costumes can help bring the Nativity alive, and Nutcracker costumes help you celebrate with ballet. (Though you’ll have to do a separate search for our adorable sugar plum fairy costume for toddlers!

Then there’s a selection for the naughtier celebrations--if they’re really naughty, you can give lumps of coal. But Santa’s Little Helpers can be sexy, as can Missy Claus, Santa’s Sweetie, Sexy Miss Santa, Ms. Santa Baby, even elves can be sexy. For guys who like a grown-up style Christmas party, there’s a Hugh Hefner-style Santa jacket for the hosts or Christmassy bartender attire like a red velvet fur-lined apron, plush vests in red or green and of course, Santa hats.

If you’re feeling really chilly, there are Mr. and Mrs. Snowman costumes that are sure to keep you warm!

If that’s not enough of a selection for you, other Christmas-themed costumes for girls might be angels or fairies. Or just add a Santa Hat to your favorite Cosplay or other costume!

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