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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Photos From Loyal Customers

My husband and I recently ordered a costume from your site and it is perfect. I hope you don't mind me sharing the photos with you. I created an alternate look for a character and love that the dress was perfect for it. I proudly present Gothic Lolita Neko (cat) Alice (from Alice In Wonderland)

- Belinda Nelson

First off, I wanted to thank you for the Rukia costume I purchased from you a few months ago.
The order was handled extremely promptly and your service was excellent (I thought I'd made a mistake in the size and you responded to me personally to let me know it was alright). I ordered on the Sunday evening and it arrived in London on Wednesday morning - an extraordinary service. It was also of a really high quality, which exceeded my expectations, so I was really pleased with value for money. In one of your email responses you said you would like pics, so I'm attaching a couple of myself in costume. :)

- Nathalie Andrews

Awesome costume. I've wanted one since I was a little kid. V was and is one of my favorite movies of all time so better late than never! Thanks!

- Jody Thomason

These three photos are from last year's presentation. We purchased five gold pairs for this performance. If you would like more from this year's Oct 9th event, just let me know what type of photo you prefer.

-Lanny Hinson

Thought you might want to see how your costume looked on me.

Thank You
Larry Fleming

Dressed and ready for MEGACON 2010!!!

- Rodolfo Rodriguez

I received my costume and couldn't be happier! The costume was a perfect fit and I was very
impressed with the quality. You have definately earned my repeat business!
Attached are pictures of me in costume. I ordered the Bleach costume for Rukia Kuchiki. This
was for a small cosplay outing for those of us who write fan-fiction. I went as the character I
designed for myself. I received many compliments on the outfit and passed along this website!
Thank you again for doing such a wonderful job!

Tammy Brown
I hope you are able to post some of these on your blog. Thanks again for the great service.

-Denise Galineau

Love the costume fit great I'd say the best cosplay costume I've ever bought here's a pic for you

Josh Lawson


I have attached a couple of photos of us in the costumes.

Rohit Ranchhod

Here is me in the Michael Jackson Costume you may put up in your blog I am not sure how to do it.

Thank You

Dan Schwartz

Thank you for sending your photos. Please keep them coming!


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