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Monday, November 8, 2010

Odd November Holidays to Celebrate

Every now and then we like to check and see what unusual holidays might offer an excuse to wear a costume. But we’ve also found conventions that are happening in November that will allow you to celebrate them with others! Holiday tells us that November is Aviation History Month. We’ve got Pilot Costumes that range from airline pilots to Star Wars X-Wing Fighters, and we also have old-timey Aviator headgear and goggles, which could actually come in handy at one of the upcoming Steampunk cons – TeslaCon in Madison, WI this weekend, SteamCon in Seattle November 19 – 21 or LosCon in L.A. November 26 – 28.

November 4th is designated as King Tut Day, so why not dress like an Egyptian, and then Walk Like an Egyptian (remember the 80’s song by The Bangles?)? Then you might want to attend one of the cons where Stargate might be included – like OryCon a Sci-Fi con in Portland, Oregon running from Nov 12 - 14.

Then, November 18th is Occult Day, so dress up like a witch or wizard, sorcerer or sorceress! But you don’t have to wait until the 18th, you can go to Wizard World in Austin, Texas November 12-14.

But those aren’t the only cons happening. Want a fun way to see what kinds of conventions are going on around the country at once? Check out the interactive convention map at ConTainment! They’ll help you search for “Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Geek-Interest Conventions” by putting a cute cartoon icon on the map that depicts each type. There’s a wild-haired Samurai in Nebraska for Anime Nebraskon this weekend, a bespectacled Victorian in Wisconsin for TeslaCon. Green aliens are standing in Texas and Kentucky, a suit of armor stands in Ontario, Superman waits with hands on hips in Massachusetts and a 1920’s P.I. is in Philadelphia. There are more too, and that’s just for this week!

Costume designer talks about all the different influences in the series costumes:

Stargate: SG-1 - Season 1 "Costume Designs"

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