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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Masks for Halloween

Sometimes the easiest and most effective costume for Halloween is simply a mask. And boy do we have masks for you! Go to our Masks, Hats and Wigs section and you’ll find:

Feather & Half-Masks
Alien Masks
Animals Masks
Elderly Masks
Horror Masks
Humorous Masks
Skulls Masks
Political Masks

Now let us point out some of the more stand-out options in each category.

Feather Masks & Half-Masks includes dramatic masquerade-style eye masks, some with wigs attached, others with feathers and other fancy features. We also have some masks that only cover the bottom half of the face, like the Droopy Jaw, Ralph the Mouth or the lovely Festering Festus.

Aliens - offers a selection of our extra-terrestrial pals to depict, from smooth and white with big eyes to really scary like the ones from the movies, Aliens and Predator. There’s even an illegal alien!

Animals - includes some of your cuddly favorites from the zoo, as well as a cartoony Hungry Wolf or monstrous versions of gorillas and wolves.

Elderly – The supersoft ones are realistic and kindly, the transparent ones are creepy, and the rest are the kind of old folk you never want to meet. Except for Jay Leno-- and he’s not *that* old!

Horror – these masks are like perusing a museum dedicated to the history of horror films. Monsters and demons, creepy creatures and freaky fiends hang out with the band Slipknot, skeletons and dragons.

Humorous – These may be funny, but they’re still pretty scary. Recognizable celebrities, weird characters and caricatures surround one Chinese man named Fee Ling Yu.

Skulls – You’ll be surprised at the variety that can be found from a bone-head. Pirates and demons and monsters, oh my! There’s even a bride!

Political – This is like a walk through recent political history! The Obamas, Clintons, Bushes, Carter, Nixon, and the creative Reaganstein and Barackula.
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