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Monday, October 4, 2010

Classic Horror Movie Costumes

We are so excited that the month of Halloween is finally here! Now we finally have a good excuse to walk you through our collection of Classic Horror Movie Costumes!

The old-school classics include:

Vampires – we’ve got several including Vampire B Slayed, Cain The Vampire Tyrant, Evil Vampire, Deluxe Vampire, Edwardian Vampire Elite, and Count Dracula. For the women, we’ve got a Dracula’s Bride and a Vampiress costume. (Modern vampires, like those in Twilight and True Blood, dress too much like regular people.)

Frankenstein Costume – from Universal! Can’t get much more classic than that!

Werewolf Costume - with brown fur, in case you need to know.

Mummy Man

Skeleton - Jumpsuit looks great in black light. Try it with our Bone Hands

Grim Reaper – we’ve got two different ones, as well as a Death Dealer and a Dark Reaper

Ghostly Lady Costume and Ghostly Goddess

Devil Costume

Newer "horror movie" classics include:

Pinhead from Hellraiser
Freddy from Nightmare on Elm Street
Jason (and a female version – Miss Voorhees) from Friday the 13th
Michael Meyers from Halloween
Edward Scissorhands from the movie of the same name
Phantom of the Opera from the movie and musical of the same name
Leprechaun also from the movie of the same name
Prom Nightmare brings to mind the scene from Stephen King’s Carrie
Zombie Prom King looks kinda like Beetlejuice (which, of course, we have too)
Midnight Slasher could be anyone, but he’s still scary! It’s one of a handful of long black robe-like things that might look good with a Scream mask

But the absolute best is the Vampire Mascot and his buddy the Mummy mascot! They are special orders, but they’re soooooo fabulous (still time before Oct 10)! Please invite us to any party where these guys are going to be on Halloween.

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