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Friday, September 10, 2010

Dragon Con Cosplay Recap

It seems Dragon Con Cosplayers Will Cosplay Anything. At least that’s what Mike Fahey of says, and we feel he offers enough proof to back up his statement. He put it this way:

No entertainment property was beyond the reach Dragon Con's cosplayers in Atlanta this weekend…. Every time we turned around there were G.I. Joe characters, Star Wars bounty hunters, comic book heroes, science fiction heroes and villains, and many video game icons, just hanging about waiting to be photographed. Hell, we even found Waldo. Technically we found two, but one was eating, and we didn't want to disturb him.

In terms of video game cosplay, we've got a Black Mage, a few Final Fantasy characters, some Team Fortress 2 players, a handful of Marios, some World of Warcraft fans, and even a Ness!

Another site that offers a window into the world of Dragon Con Cosplay is Geeks of They explain:

Last year, Geeks of Doom did a post featuring 25 costumed ladies of Dragon*Con that was quite popular with most people on the Internets, which caught us by *complete* surprise. I mean, who knew that sexy women dressed in geeky costumes at a giant fan convention would be such a huge hit right?

Anyways, we’re back again this year and plan to do multiple posts since this is Dragon*Con — an event with more costumed people per square yard than anywhere in the world that I know of, including Halloween. Basically, more costumes equals more posts.

Also, we took some flack for not doing a “Men of Dragon*Con” photo feature. This year we’ll have one as well as a …few others.

And they kept their word. First they offered up 20 Cosplay Babes of Dragon*Con 2010 (Part 1) , followed by Part 2. And then their promised Costumed Men of Dragon*Con 2010. They also cooked up an Avengers Cosplay Photo Gallery.

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