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Friday, August 6, 2010

Orlandia is an Interactive Convention Experience

Anime Festival Orlando is coming up this weekend, August 6 – 8, and they’ve added a layer of con experience over and above the usual fabulous panels, events and cosplay. They’ve created the kingdom of Orlandia as Anime Festival Orlando’s Interactive Convention Experience (ICE).

As they explain on their website, for the last 3 years, AFO has been the birthplace and home to an RPG style game that runs all weekend during the convention. In the “Swords of Orlandia” trilogy, players were able to help the story along by choosing sides, and helping their chosen side to reach their goal. In Final Fantasy terms, you could choose to support Cloud or Sephiroth to help them reach their goals in the game.

YOU, the player, help determine the fate of the heroes and villains, by gaining experience and levels throughout the weekend at major events--starting at opening ceremonies on Friday, and ending with the closing ceremonies on Sunday afternoon.

Throughout the weekend you can get quests, do PvP, and/or play games of chance in the “casino” to win more XP experience for your faction. All of this can be done in your spare time while you enjoy the convention.

There is no requirement to play (but it sounds fun!). If you choose not to play there is still a wide variety of fun things to do at the convention. The game is an extra way to have fun on top of the convention. The AFO staff invites you, the player, to create a character and tell us of his/her exploits in the Skies of Orlandia world. Align yourself with one of the four factions, and create or join a guild with your friends to find your fortune among the Skies of Orlandia.

Details on this year’s story, “Skies of Orlandia” can be found on the website at But basically, you’ll get to defend Orlandia from air pirates and other threats in a Victorian Steampunk setting!
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