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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

International Cosplay Travel in August

When you think of international traveling for cosplay, you probably think of going to Japan. But we’ve found some pretty cool reasons to go elsewhere for a change-- like to Australia, Europe or the Land of Eire!

If you want to go to the land down under, you’ll want to hop on a jet immediately, because Manifest 2010 is starting today in Melbourne, Australia and running through the 22nd of August. They’ll be having cosplay eventsincluding Cosplay Chess, which sounds ... interesting.

Then, next weekend you have your choice of going to The Netherlands (AKA Holland, where the Dutch live) or Ireland, better known for Leprechauns than anime. In the Netherlands you can attend Abunai! where the theme this year is “all about Power Boys and Magical Girls…young heroes assisted by the powers of magic and science to aid them in the quest for great justice. From Cutie Honey and Kamen Rider to Sailor Moon and the Power Rangers, our heroes fight villains of all kinds for love, honor and to save the day. Join us in the fight for justice. The power is really yours."

In Ireland you can take part in Nom-Con in Dublin. Where along with enjoying the surroundings of the Ballsbridge Inn & Towers, you might be able to win a chance to participate in EuroCosplay 2010 in London, England this October. Well, only if you’re a resident of Ireland, but you can still help decide who gets to represent the Emerald Isle. Along with cosplay competitions, they’ll be hosting a Pokemon Tournament, for those who are into that aspect of Japanese fandom.

So if you needed an excuse to cosplay, or to travel, do both before August is over!

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