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Monday, August 2, 2010

Comic-Con Highlights and Review

If you couldn’t be there and didn’t want any of the live coverage, you can still relive the greatness...

Comics Alliance has fun photos that include a Low Production Value Iron Man and Stormtrooper, a Tron cosplayer, Slave Leias, streets signs in Klingon in the area near the convention center, Zombie models posing for artists drawing live at the CBLDF/Seen party, an awesome Steampunk Wheelchair and Pac-Man.

The UK Telegraph has highlights that include cast members of The Avengers on stage with director Joss Whedon; Jeff Bridges, Michael Sheen, Olivia Wilde and others from the cast fielding questions on Disney’s 3-D Tron: Legacy, the sequel to the 1982 cult classic; Harrison Ford "escorted" on to the stage in handcuffs by guards in his first ever Comic-Con appearance; Ryan Reynolds, the new Green Lantern; Stan Lee, that unstoppable superhero generating machine; and the walk of shame from a man in his 20’s who was arrested on Saturday for stabbing a fellow attendee in the eye with a pen after they got into an argument over whether they were sitting too close to each other. (There’s video footage too! )

MTV has a Comic-Con costume gallery. has a photo array of The 20 Hottest Comic-Con Cosplay Girls

And ScreenRant has a video (above) that condenses the whole weekend into a 6-minute video. Reporter Mike Eisenberg explains, “I’ve cut together the best footage from all four days and separated them into three ‘acts.’ We kick it off with the strange cosplay that overwhelms you when you step foot in the convention center. Then you’ll find the sights and sounds of the show floor and surrounding areas of the Con. Last is a compilation of the official events, from interviews and panels to the historic Avengers cast announcement…[and] -- Harrison Ford’s first steps on a Comic-Con stage.”
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