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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Anime Expo in Los Angeles July 1st

Anime Expo is back at the L.A. Convention Center for the July 4th weekend! Cosplay
is a big part of Anime Expo. In fact, if you take part in the poll on their home page, you’ll see that over half of those who responded are most looking forward to some Cosplay.

Here’s the stuff they’ve got in store at Anime Expo 2010:

The biggest cosplay event in all of Anime Expo, you’ll see the most extravagant costumes and some of the best cosplay performances on stage in the Masquerade.

Pop Shock Masquerade
Cosplay is much more than Anime and Manga. Lolitas or Steampunks, Angelic or Gothic, J Rock or J Pop, this competition showcases fans of a wide spectrum of fashion genres in fandom.

Chibi Masquerade
The mini version of Masquerade, Chibi Masquerade is a great way to see great skits without the long lines and the stress of competition. This event is often a starting ground for the best and brightest in Masquerades to come.

Midnight Tea
This tea party offers table to table of enchanting characters, each brimming with faux treats that look good enough to eat. Each party has its own story to tell, limited only by their imagination and skill. This competitive event showcases cosplayers and crafters in an interior design challenge with a tea party theme. NOTE: No food or drink will be served.

They’ve also got AX Idol, Singled Out, Anime Trivia Show, Karaoke, Last Comic Standing and a Scavenger Hunt. There’s even an Otaku Parliamentary Debate to let you show off your insights as well your debating skills and make a persuasive argument from a variety of topics. There’s a ton more too! If you’re in the L.A. area, don’t miss Anime Expo 2010!
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