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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

May 1st is Wear Cosplay to Starbucks Day

On May 1st, visitors and employees at Starbucks will be treated to the very cool and completely geeky world of Anime and Cosplay because thousands of cosplayers will be showing up either in the morning before work, or after school dressed as their favorite Anime character.

We will be helping to encourage this event with a $200 shopping spree for the best picture of a Cosplayer at Starbucks posted to us before May 15th.

(You can post the picture to our Facebook wall, or post a comment with a link to the picture. Or tweet about this and let us know.)
There's now an "official fan page" for the May 1st day over at Facebook.

You can post your images there... probably more people will see them. But you won't be eligible for the promotion unless you contact us by the deadline!
Here's the facebook link:
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