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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Being Green for Saint Patty

It's almost time for St. Patrick'’s Day, and a trip to our Holiday section will show you the way to our St. Patrick's Day selection, where of course, the theme is Green!

For most of us, St. Patrick's Day is all about the partying. It's really supposed to be a day for celebrating Irish history, ancestry, traditions and customs. And since there are over 34 million Americans are of Irish descent (almost nine times the population of Ireland), there are plenty of people to celebrate with!
So if you're hosting a party, dressing like an Irish bartender might be an excellent way to celebrate. We've got a St. Patrick Bar Vest, a St. Patrick Armband, and several fabulous green hats and green bow ties to choose from. There are also a few choices for saucy barmaids, lovely leprechauns and one for a funny fellow who loves lucky charms.

If you want to be a little more creative with your wearing of green, we've got a bunch of other suggestions for you. Just visit our Adult Costumes page and you'll see a bit of green. In Classic Men's our Sugar Bear Pimp, and in Fairy Tales, our Green Nymph fairy. Fairy Tales also offers the green of Peter Pan and The Frog Prince. A search for "Green" in this section turned up a few green fairies, the Hulk, A southern belle in green and white, a surgeon, Robin Hood, a 60's mini called Appletini, a few witches and a wench.

When we typed "green" in the general search box in the left column, we got a few more interesting choices. In Accessories, green wings, vests and beads, and in the Kids Costumes an Air Force Pilot, Renaissance girls, and a green Power Ranger. And in the Cosplay Costumes section - Green Lantern and Green Arrow!

With us, it IS easy being green!

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