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Monday, February 1, 2010

Variety for Valentines

We have such a variety of interesting ways to help you celebrate Valentine's Day! We’ve broken it down by search words. First, do a search on the word Valentine and you'll get a couple of seductive outfits for the ladies to wear, as well as a few cosplay costumes:

  • Final Fantasy Vii Vincent Valentine - not very lovable, but still technically a Valentine!

  • Cowboy Bebop Faye Valentine - her revealing outfit complete with bright yellow hot pants and a matching, revealing top (and on occasion a bikini) can be plenty seductive.

  • Resident Evil 3 Jill Valentine - This character was designed to appeal to a wide audience of both male and female gamers, as males would find her physically attractive, while females would see her as a tough role model.

We’ll tell you a couple of cons you can wear these costumes to below.

Next, a search for Cupid offers a few more cute and sexy costumes for ladies…this time with wings! Traditionally Cupid is a man with wings, so do a search on wings and then jazz it up with a red or gold lamé speedo, and a bow and arrow, and you’re set.

And then a search on Heart brings up a whole bunch of stuff! First a selection of King and Queen of Hearts costumes, which are pretty cool, actually. Then, a bunch of extremely sexy choices that are too light on cloth to be considered costumes, and are therefore under the accessories heading. And finally, our great selection of cosplay costumes from Kingdom Hearts, as well as Pandora Hearts and Shadow Hearts Covenant.

So in case you might like to do some Valentine's Weekend cosplay, you can attend Katsucon in National Harbor, Maryland or Queen City Kamikaze in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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