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Friday, February 5, 2010

Cosplay with Presidents and Mardi Gras

Lincoln's Birthday is Feb 12th and Washington's is Feb 22nd. Splitting the difference would end us up on Ash Wednesday on the 17th, and the 16th is Mardi Gras, so instead some people get a Monday off to recover from Valentine's Day (and in this case, Chinese New Year) celebrations and to honor two of our most famous presidents.

To honor Lincoln on the 15th, we've got an adult costume that includes the characteristic stovepipe hat and beard, and a jacket with an attached shirt front, vest and tie. We've also got a child's costume, an educational book about Abe and a half-mask that can be paired with a beard-sans-moustache, just like he wore it.

On the 16th, don some of our Mardi Gras Accessories, including beads, feathery masks and headpieces, and shiny masks. On the 17th is Ash Wednesday. We don't have anything that's directly related, but if you're in the mood for some mid-week cosplay we've got
  • Good Ash and Evil Ash from Army of Darkness
  • Pokemon’s Ash Ketchum
  • Ashe from Final Fantasy XII [12]
Then on Washington's Birthday, you can dress your kid in the Child George Washington Costume, which comes with velvet jacket, blouse and pants and hand him a copy of an educational book from the series Heroes in History.

For adults, our Colonial Man costume lets you dress up as George Washington or any other colonial man. It's the wig that makes the difference here, and you can find a colonial or a judge's wig that might do the trick in our Men's Wigs section. Check out our Early American History section and you might find that one of our Colonial Captain costumes might work too.

Combine any of the above to create a real conversation starter!

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