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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

California Cons This Weekend

This weekend in California you can find two Anime cons with some interesting guests. Anime Los Angeles has a group called The Spoony Bards as Guests of Honor. A group of musicians who love to play video game and anime music by request, The Spoony Bards have been known to play for days at a time at conventions. One example is seen in the video above, where they play the Mario Bros. theme song for the guys cosplaying as said brothers.

After meeting at Anime Central 2004, The Spoony Bards have come to be known for their ability to assemble any available combination of vocal and instrumental talents to provide an enjoyable atmosphere for fellow fans to hang out, listen, dance, laugh, and sing along. In addition to performing concerts for conventions, dances, charity, and private events, some of them even cosplay while they perform!

Also this weekend, Sac-Anime in Sacramento has film star Chris Sarandon as one of their esteemed guests. He is best known by film fans for his role as Prince Humperdinck in Rob Reiner’s 1987 film The Princess Bride, though many may also know him as the hypnotic vampire-next-door in the teen horror classic Fright Night (1985). In Con circles, he’s known and loved as the voice of Jack Skellington, the main character in Tim Burton’s animated film The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993). He has reprised the role in many other spinoff productions, including the Squaresoft/Disney video games Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II and the Capcom sequel to the original film, Oogie’s Revenge.

So if you’re in California this weekend, check out one of both of these cons and get your cosplay on!

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